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The Dark Knight Rises – Darren Williams Review

The Dark Knight Rises‘: funded by those that control you.

Rating: Not as good as ‘The Dark Knight’ – 3 out of 5.

A magick trick can ONLY work if the participant is unaware of the techniques being used to manipulate them.

I declare that Christopher Nolan is a smart-arse ‘Magician’ whom uses Pop Culture to create works based on Inception meaning placing subliminal messages into the thought processes of a significant percentage of the Global Population via his Films. Do not continue if you are yet to see this!

Don’t believe the hype around the Film as it’s…

A very good Saturday night Movie attempting but failing to be a Cinematic Masterpiece.

These are a few points that I have with it & always please leave your views especially if you’ve seen the film.

1). It’s the MOST along with blatant Pro-Fossil fuel / Nuclear Power Promotional piece, you can imagine. It made me think if silent backers of Nolan’s Batman ‘Trilogy’ are actually major Corporations? ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ cost $250million to film then another $150million to promote Worldwide, that’s $400million worth of cheddar..!!

Wonder how the Japanese will respond to the direct message that Humanity isn’t ready for clean energy especially after with the The Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster?

2). Only one true moment of exquisite brilliance exists within the film is a very sensual dance along with conversation between ‘Bruce Wayne’ & ‘Selina Kyle’…


3). Why are all Main Characters connected with ‘The League of Shadows‘ that’s actually based on the legendary Mystic-Warrior Class from Ancient Eurasia / modern day Iran – The Hashshashin entirely White?

I connected this with White European Culture obsession with Ethic Cultures yet
still wanting to maintain their Ethnicity? An example being everybody I know that loves those ‘Rocky’ films are always White.

Also, what’s the deal with this White obsession with Tan’s? If I obtained £1.00p for each time a White Person has compared their Summer Holiday Complexion to mine I’d be rich

4). ‘Selina Kyle’ sums up the hypocrisy of the Western World in that she judges ‘Bruce Wanye’ for his ‘Sliver Spoon’ origins but then has a taste for the high-life herself as seen in the final of the film she seen in.

5). Nolan is ignorant in his view of the American Underclass as becoming ‘Animalistic’ if given the reins of power from those current Elites whom are supposed to improve standards for all of globally.

Yet, in the current reality we are living it’s the inhumane behaviour of some of the most educated people that’s created misery therefore an increase in poverty & a greater Underclass that Nolan so dislikes.

Evidence that the PEOPLE CAN RULE with justice together with humanity was South Africans accepting the findings of The Truth and Reconciliation Commission that showed the horrors of apartheid.

It must be noted that the United Nations, Commonwealth Secretary-General & various Multi-National Corporations had made it know privately to Mandela; the process would cause such psychological trauma to the population of South Africa it would lead to mass bloodshed. They where wrong as people are better than why they consider.

6). Warner Bros. Pictures & Nolan certainly didn’t have much time for the Occupy Movement that was occurring across America during the filming of ‘The Dark Knight Rises’. Technology, has made it possible for knowledge to spread & it’s possible we are learning things not covered by the Main-Stream thus being aware of how the Magick Trick has been played on us.

7). Guess who visited Occupy Wall Street, last year. Yet, what was his motivation?

8). Anne Hathaway that play’s ‘Selina Kyle’ admitted to admiring the work of Ayn Rand, that’s the same as British person admitting they admire Margaret Thatcher = not clever.

Additional Source: Page 5 – ‘Anne Hathaway
By Chelsea Handler’ from Interview Magazine

9). The American Industrial-Military Complex would simply Nuke, any City on Home Soil that had been taken hostage by an Eurasian Terrorist with Anarchist tendencies.

Stanley Kubrick, knew very well the homicidal tendencies of the American Political-Military-Corporate Elite Class view of ordinary people way back in 1964…

Giving the order to Nuke Gotham would lower the Public Budget & also increase Patriotism with a result being vast amount of the population signing up to join the US Military to destroy ‘The League of Shadows‘.

That happened directly in America after 9/11 with that many people signing up to join the American Military it took on average 14mths from them signing to their first induction day..!!

10). Nolan is seen as a visionary but he’s really just a decent filmaker; yet in 2012 that’s sadly seen as excellence.

11). Why is such a violent & psychologically intense Film only a 12A (UK) / PG13 (America), it includes ‘Bane’ snapping people’s necks..!!

12). I found the sarcasm along with belittling view of Men expressed by ‘Selina Kyle’ on par with that of a know-it-all Teenager. Also, for a Woman to have that power over Men she’d need to resemble Bianca Beauchamp rather than Anne ‘nice but not Sexual’ Hathaway.

13). Nolan also didn’t get the Badass nature of ‘Bruce Wayne / Batman’ character instead he made him appear as weak.
Whilst, in the source material the character DOES have moments of depression when pushed he reacts with focused violent intimidation.

Whilst, ‘Bruce Wayne / Batman’ doesn’t kill even when having the ability the film should have shown in this manner of cold strength. Those of you that have seen ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ will understand

14). ‘Bane’ to me had a German accent, ‘Miranda Tate’ is French & ‘Dr. Leonid Pavel’ is Russian. Therefore, playing to long-held American fears going back to 1776, that these mentioned nations aren’t to be trusted as they wish to obtain their nation.

15). The Ending was terrible, leading to the numerous sequels that Hollyweird demands just like ‘Jabba The Hut’ requesting constant food.


Christopher Nolan is just like Danny Boyle in making highly expensive productions that seem to have a obvious meaning but really to the untrained have the possibility of a complete other meaning.

Yet, for all their endeavours Nolan & Boyle will never reach Kubrick’s level as they ‘work for the Man‘ rather than exposing his trickery.

At the time of making this review (Monday 30th July 2012) my Twitter – @DazAltTheory has been suspended with no explanation yet to be given why?

Hopefully, it will be reactivated, please check.

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Archive Rocky from X-Press 2 Interview

“Places like Carlisle are just as clued up and up for it as the other gigs where you’d perhaps expect more people to know what you’re after. The internet, the longevity of dance music and a few other things means that people really know the score; we’re not really surprised when we go somewhere like that and it goes off.”

I originally submitted this intervibew for another site in the past but it has since been deleted. With X-Press 2 due to play Uber again at the end of February I tried to dig out the link, but discovered it was deleted. So the Interview is transcribed here instead. A fresh chat with the boys is due later on this month.

Uber have got something special up their sleeve this Easter, inviting down chart toppers and acid house heroes X-Press 2 for a huge party. Popularly known for the smash hit of 2002 ‘Lazy’, X-Press 2 perform as a trio with six decks and three mixers, and have been at the forefront of dance music for over fifteen years. Boasting club appearances all across the globe, they return once more to Carlisle’s Uber after a stunning show last year for the crew.

The night is picking up pace rapidly, being invited to host the VIP tent in the upcoming Forgotten Valley festival near Kendal and hosting club tours in far flung destinations around the country. We caught up with X-Press 2’s Rocky for a quick Q&A ahead of their gig to find out what life was like as one third of the band:

You’re due up in Carlisle soon for a gig at Uber. How do you feel about the party and are you looking forward to it?

Well, we’ve played here before and the gig certainly sticks out in my mind as being absolutely fantastic. As a DJ we get to go to a lot of places and sometimes you forget where you’ve been, but certainly not here. It was a great atmosphere, really great crowd and you could tell that the people behind the night had gone to a lot of effort to make sure everything was right and that rubbed off on the crowd and us too. It’s a lovely feeling when something goes that well, a really great buzz. We can’t wait to do it again.

How does gigs like this compare to other places across the world, in particular bigger cities where perhaps you’d expect people to be more accustomed to what you do?

Well it’s funny you say that, because we’ve been doing this for a while now and places like Carlisle are just as clued up and up for it as the other gigs where you’d perhaps expect more people to know what you’re after. The internet, the longevity of dance music and a few other things means that people really know the score; we’re not really surprised when we go somewhere like that and it goes off. But, it’s still a really great feeling when a gig goes as well as the last one did.

You scored a big hit with Lazy back in 2002. Did it change your life?

Well, in all honesty, not really. There was a moment when we all got into a cab after performing on Top of the Pops and we thought, hang on, this is where our life changes, but it didn’t really happen. We got a bit more media attention, got some more work, but it certainly wasn’t the start of a pop star lifestyle all of a sudden. We just carried on doing what we were doing before, playing clubs, making records, and all Lazy did really was make more of that possible.

Do you think you could ever pull another hit like that out of the bag?

Well, who knows? When we made Lazy, it wasn’t crafted around making a ‘hit’. We just wanted to make a really good house track with David Byrne singing, when it was finished we didn’t think top of the pops, huge single, we just thought we had an underground record on our hands. Just a track that we could play out, our mates could play and would pick up a bit of attention elsewhere. It was kind of a glorious fluke, all things considered.

And finally, we’ve talked about the past, but what’s in the future for X-Press 2?

Well, right now we’re promoting a new mix compilation that’s on NRK records, it’s a fluid DJ mix of ours that’s been well received, and it’s something we’re really happy with. In the summer we’ve got a retrospective album lined up, a collection of some of our old songs, some remixes we’ve done, remixes people have done of us and a few new tracks as well. It’s called ‘Raise your hands’ and will be out on Skint. And of course, much more djing.

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