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Kendrick Lamar ‘Poetic Justice’ ft Drake – Video

I left university in May 2004, and I genuinely reckon that there hasn’t been a better hip-hop album released in that time period than Kendrick Lamar’s ‘Good Kid Maad City’. Hand on heart, it’s better than everything done by Kanye, Nas’ also great 2011 masterpiece ‘life is Good’ and certainly anything by the colum inch hoggers of hip-hop during this period, Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, Jigga et al.

Anyway, I’ll try and reason that argument at a later date when inevitably I still think Kendrick’s opus is amaizng in a years time, but dig the latest video to drop form him here featuring Drake.

Drake – The Motto Parody – White Negro

Drake’s ‘The Motto’ was a bit of anthem last year, despite the fact it showed him rocking what looks like a collaboration between Primark and North Face (sorry Supreme lovers, the jacket is baaaaaad) and Lil Wayne mumbling in lime green ski boots. Amazing what a great beat can do. Anyway it’s been around for a while but only recently brought to my attention via my cohort on this site, left-field thinking revolutionary Darren Williams.

Ever the one to give Young Money a dig, he’s excitedly sent this out via Facebook so the blog just had to have a go. Not 100% sure if it is the same dude from Adult Swim on this masterful Tim and Eric sketch, but it definitely reminded me of it anyway.

Complex’s Oral History of the Tunnel

“I don’t remember what club they were from and I don’t remember their names, I just remember that I tried to fuck ’em all.”

Pearler of an article over on Complex Mag which discusses NYC hip-hop club The Tunnel which was the fulcrum of so much regarding hip-hop in the 90s. All the big players are interviewed, Chris Lighty, DMX (who provides the above quote), Jadakiss, Cipha Sounds and the don himself, Funkmaster Flex. The below video is the Hot Boys drifting in and around the club, including a 14 year old Lil Wayne.

Yasiin Bey & Mannie Fresh Recording New Track “OMFGOD”

An unlikely but thoroughly brilliant collaboration has taken place between Mos Def/Yassin Bey and durrty south hero Mannie Fresh, who’s beats and rhymes I have loved since this apocalypse of strings landed in my ears back in 1999. Mos is well known to most people outside of hip-hop (and we all know how nice he can sound on more obvious collabs) but you have to love a certain type to feel Mannie – his southern grind isn’t the most palatable to everyone. But clearly Mighty Mos has impeccable taste in digging Mannie, who even made a cameo on Treme. Fire.

Darren steps to Young Money

Young Money might very soon become NO Money.

As Summer turns in Autumn or as they say in America ‘The Fall‘, it seems the latter might occur to the Young Money Empire that’s headlined by the following…


It started with Drake deciding that it would be perfectly fine to produce & include himself in various out-takes along with unfinished tracks that he purchased by the deceased R&B Legend – Aaliyah.

This lead to a Public Statement from the Family of Aaliyah distancing themselves from this posthumous album in some manner due to Drake not asking for their blessing:

Rolling Stone – ‘Aaliyah’s Family Not Involved With New Drake-Led Album Project’.

Über Hip-Hop Record Producer & Genius Timberland along with Missy Elliott as well-known friends with Aaliyah instantly made it known that they wanted nothing to do with Drake’s project.

As murmuring of unhappiness where being directed towards Canada’s best Rapper his Label Colleague & Boss made perhaps one of the biggest Own-Goals in Hip-Hop History…

This dis from the same Lil Wayne that made the colab with Jay-Z ironically called…
‘Hello Brooklyn 2.0’.

To distance yourself from the major entertainment market & Media Hub that’s New York City would cause a reaction yet it even became Political…

It must be noted that when big-time Rappers have spoken negativity towards major American Cities the results have been lethal & tragic..!!

Then the final part of this comedy of errors came from the most Plastic & even being more *surreal than anybody on the Young Money stable – Nicki Minaj.

In, this American Election Year that sees it’s 1st African-American President looking for a 2nd Term guess what she ‘spits’ (appropriate word) on wax. Please be warned, you’ll have to rewind this to believe she actually thought this was cool…

For an African-American Celebrity especially in Popular Music to declare opposition towards President Obama in support for his rival to The White House – Mitt Romney is on-par with thinking it’s clever to wear a Man Utd Home Shirt in the Liverpool end of a Football (Soccer) Stadium.

It will be interesting to see if any maturity along with business skills return at Young Money due to their Summer of total madness that might possibly become a very harsh winter, never to possibly recover?

Ohhh… this is why I used the Asterisk (*) in the above article was in relation to this…

Lil Wayne ponders on his influence within Culture & History compared to a certain Steve Jobs – Founder of Apple..!!

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