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Say Hello Vs. Because (Jay-Z Vs. The Beatles) – The Melker Project

Yep the grey album did it before. But come on, how many people sampled James Brown, or even funky drummer? This breeds new life into the Beatles/Jay-Z canon and would surely piss off Noel Gallagher if he wasn’t so well made up after Sergio Augero delivered greatness on Sunday.

Josh Clarke Mix

Found this mix on the popgoestheradio blog from Josh Clarke, rough and ready mix of house, hip-hip, some party classics and a bit more. There’s James Brown, Caribou, MJ Cole, Tribe Called Quest and oodles more.

Peep the full tracklisting here.

Tony Cook feat. Dam Funk – “What’s On Your Mind?”

Tony Cook, the funkier than thou drummer behinnd James Brown, threw out an anthology loaded with unreleased tracks from the early eighties last year, one of the track’s being ‘What’s on your mind?” featuring west coast boogie warrior Dam-Funk. Well, they’ve only gone and made a video for the record, pimping it out in glorious 80s fashion that even segues in a closing credits complete with theme tune. It’s hot, hot, hot.

Seriously, if this doesn’t make you smile you’re probably already dead.

Jem Haynes Interview on beatsandbeyond

“Fantazia, Castle Donington 1993, Jem Haynes, Public Enemy, James Brown, Grooverider, The Prodigy, Leftfield and Carl Cox. I would have to play Knights of the Jaguar by DJ Rolando even though it wasn’t made yet! IMAGINE!”

Follow the above quote to see the interview that dropped just before Christmas with We Love resident and house lothario Jem Haynes. Easily the best answer to one of my ‘dream situation’ questions yet!

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