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X-Press 2 ‘The House of X-Press 2’ Mini-Mix

The House Of X-Press 2 [Album Minimix] by skintrecords

X-Press 2 are back. Now just Rocky and Diesel after Ashley Beedle pursued differing pastures, the duo are still one of the best in the business for dance music. Their history showcases it all, the early rave days where they were part of the burgeoning fanzine era of acid house (when the hooligans dropped the fights and raised the hands in the throes of acid house’s summer of love), they then made musical history with the killer ‘Muzik X-Press’. The late nineties was all about their killer six deck three mixer shows at superclubs like Cream and Bugged Out!, with a glut of tribal house records, not least the ice cannon homage that was ‘Smoke Machine‘. Oh and they did a record with the guy out Talking Heads.

Anyway, they’ve got a new album out which is something of a belyter. The above Soundcloud links direct to a downloadable min-mix, but you can stream ‘The House of X-Press 2’ directly as well here. Their show on Ministry of Sound Radio is also something of a must listen; follow this link.

They also play a global tour starting this weekend, taking in Carlisle’s Uber on Saturday 25th February.

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