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Darren is lost for words…!!!


As you’ll know, from time to time I like going deep into various subjects on this site yet after watching the presentation style on this advert from Nestlé, Swiss multinational food & beverage company. For once, I am lost for words

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I feel the following song is a suitable end to this rather short article, enjoy your week…


Darren’s latest – Critical Response

The above fad is going around 50 major cities across the Globe…!!

All done by Hipsters™, on something called – ‘No Pants Day’ with the aim of travelling on Rail Transport wearing NO Trousers or Skirts for one day every January bringing a touch of what’s apparently classified by those involved as something called… ‘Fun Chaos‘ (The largest amount of Postgraduates in the entire history of The Developed World produces such ‘genius’ terminology even Thomas Hardy couldn’t comprehend let alone create..!!).

Yet, what’s rather interesting is the fact that those seats participants are sitting on especially those wearing Thongs ‘might be possibly occupied by other guests’:

‘Lola – the bed bug sniffing dog’ from The London Evening Standard Newspaper (14th February 2011).

An interesting thing is currently occurring in the Great Britannia with admissions from Police, NHS, Celebrities, Politicians & most interesting the Main-Stream Media that THEY all suspected something wasn’t quite right about Sir Jimmy Savile. Yet it’s only NOW they are revealing the full information AFTER his Death?

Certain individuals along with the Public/Charitable sector are attempting & failing on a major basis in giving the appearance of standing up NOW for the protection of the nations MOST vulnerable people, instead of during the decades of Savile’s debauchery, each day transforming him into some sort of Marquis de Sade…


Now, I don’t know if the above is true but I wouldn’t be surprised, as to do what Sir Jimmy Savile did required a unique mind of true villainy.

For those reading this who are unaware of this current Scandal, possibly due to NOT being British, or on the true influence that Savile had within British Society, then the below Photo has it all. He spent every Christmas Day with Margaret ‘The Iron Lady’ Thatcher when she was Prime Minster, that’s 10 Christmas Days.

I wonder what subjects THEY would talk about…


So, to the final section that’s simply about knowing if something isn’t morally right then don’t participate in it. We’ve got to stop with this theme of…

It’s weird but everybody does it so it can’t be that bad?


That….[put name of ANY celebrity/high-profile] does behave strange but they’re popular so they can’t be sinister as they wouldn’t be that successful?

Democracy in its purest form is about freedom of expression, with responsibility along with consideration for others… we all influence each other.

How would one of Saville’s many London victims (due to the BBC being mainly based in that city) feel going on a Tube Journey in London only to be be confronted with this…


Ain’t cool NOW is it Hipsters™, when YOU think about it & that’s my point.

For more on what Sir Jimmy Savile possibly was you need to check these two essential sources:

Did The Smiths give a coded hint about Sir Jimmy Savile in 1986 in a Song?

Thread on the David Icke Forum on Sir Jimmy Savile that’s had OVER 4.2 million views…!!

For those Hipsters™ that I am sure will be reacting in their typical passive-aggressive ‘we aren’t hurting, anybody’ approach, I end this article with the below that perfectly sums you up. I’m expecting NO Comments from anybody that participated on those activities recently on the London Underground.

What’s the term…. Check-Mate.

Darren’s Alterantive New Year Message

Darren drops another slab of left-thinking wisdom in time for you t embrace other theories of thought in 2013. Read below…

Since April 2012, I’ve been going to places other less experienced operatives would find either highly difficult or even impossible, and after each mission I am thanked by my Commander-in-Chief General Jimmy yet told that my tendency for detail whilst impressive can at times mean a decrease in efficiency.

I guess it’s all about being to the point but with still maintaining to keep it 100

So, with it being the start of a new year what do I present… The gift of enlightenment.

Make of the following what YOU will but I estimate after viewing this specific section you might understand how a Fighter Jet Pilot feels AFTER clicking that red Ejector-Seat button:

Time for YOU to Eject, please click?.

Well what about that then, normally I’d go into detail but the verbal along with non-verbal communication is highly intriguing stuff even to the unaware.

My New Year Message is rather simple…
Enjoy, now cause this just might become the new National Anthem come 2013..!!

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