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Greg Wilson on Jimmy Saville

“On a personal level, I agree that Jimmy Savile was undoubtedly an innovator of UK club culture, as well as being the first Superstar DJ in this country, but I find it difficult to regard him as a DJ father figure when he patently wasn’t a man of music”

An absolute gem of an article, dealing with the fallout from the Jimmy Saville scandal and in particular it’s significance in the history of the role of the DJ. Greg pulls no punches about the implications for another much loved former BBC DJ unaccountable for his misdemeanour’s in death, John Peel, and drops some measured input on the historical assertions Saville made about his pioneer status alongside the likes of Kool Herc, Franics Grasso and many more. Bit of a long read butt essential anyone with any kind of interest in DJ culture.

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