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Oniris ‘The Rebirth/Leaving Earth’ EP – Review on Pulse


“It’s certainly not groundbreaking but when dance music is this epic, orchestral and spine-tingling you’re not looking for it to be next level, you’re too busy basking in being transported to a higher plane. By the time the strings swathe the end and the piano line kicks in, you’re grinning manically like a loon.”

This EP from Oniris is stunning! Hit the quote.

Bambook and Netzell ft Cari Golden ‘What’s the Use’ – review on Pulse

Bambook & Netzell ft Cari Golden - What's The Use

“Rolling effortlessly, it’s juxtaposition of the track’s incessant charm and immediacy with Golden’s spoken word delivery is the key to its success, particularly the similarity her delivery draws with the infamous stalker on Lil Louis’ timeless ‘I called You’. It’s not hard to see why Maceo Plex built many of his stadium slaying sets of last year around it.”

Circus recordings continues a fine run of form with a bamboozler from Bambook and Netzell, Cari Golden delivering a great spoken word vocal. The clubnight has a couple of crackers lined up for Easter Weekend as well, Good Friday at Egg London and then the Camp & Furnace up here in Liverpool for Easter Sunday.

And this recent set from Yousef at Circus is something of an instant classic.

Bondax ‘Gold’ – Review on DT

“Echoing the point at the turn of the century when daytime radio was filled with playful pop informed electronica, spearheaded by Daft Punk’s colossus ‘Discovery’, the sample histrionics of the Avalanches, crystalline charm of Royksopp and the downright gleeful escapism of Junior Senior, we’ve got things good again.”

Gorgeous track from Bondax you’ve all probably heard already. Hit the quote. Lovely Starslinger edit which didn’t make the review to peep as well.

Waze & Odyssey ‘Be Right There’ – Review on Pulse

Waze & Odyssey Press Shot

“Further weight to the case W&O have already been making via their work on Throne of Blood and Southern fried – two purveyors of classy house that know their way round a dancefloor.”

Waze & Odyssey have delivered once again, as has Kerri Chandler’s MadTech records and Citizen on the remix tip. Hit the quote.

Laurent Garnier live at Boiler Room x WHP

photo Laurent Garnier 2

If you visit this blog often you would of caught me waxing lyrical at the end of last year about a DJ set from Laurent Garnier at the Warehouse Project. There was a four hour ‘snippet’ of that set floating around at the time, but another one has since materialised cramming an extra 90 minutes in and crucially, the moment where I pretty much walked in when a fairly famous record from Manchester kicked in.

On top of that there’s also a video from the Boiler Room crew which weighs in at 80 minutes, really getting the magic of the night down. Whilst they have undoubtedly revolutionised the way in which we ‘view’ club sets from afar via the internet, the videos sometimes comes off as a bit sterilised when it’s a small amount of people (although that same forumla is equally memorable when thrown off kilter). This time though they had a genuine contender for greatest DJ of all time playing a retrospective set in one of the best club spaces on the planet; ground-breaking it may not have been but fucking awesome it most certainly was.

Anyway; just enjoy the video/audio.

Delayed Audio EP w/ Ejeca, Last Mood + More

Here’s a new Ep worth digging on Delayed Audio, four tracks of tech-house that rope in the respective production talents of Ejeca, Chamboche, Last Mood, Anthony Mansfield and Ste Waite. ‘Keep the Love’ is a well produced deep house groove that explodes with signature bass halfway through, whilst ‘Chasing Drops’ retains the same melodic charm but on a much more slow paced tip, perfect warm-up fodder.

‘Sequence in Time’ a full blooded feel and Chicago vibe to it, as well as an almost dreamy use of space throughout and a deeper effort from Anthony Mansfield. It’s out on the 18th feb, and you can stream previews below.

David Glass ‘Lost EP’ – review on DT


“Throw in some scratches, wisely used vocals and the presence of that oh so smart drum work underneath and you’ve got a record that appeases the true heads, bang on trend in terms of reference point for sample but utilising one so timeless it’s hard to see this sounding tired or played out.”

David Glass has got a new EP out on Circus Recordings, click my quote above to see the review. It is ALL about the Nas sampling track ‘Tell the People’ however, an absolute humdinger of a house groove which lifts some brilliant Large pro production. Beatport link here.

Piek ‘Hemingway’ – reviewed on Pulse


“Lyrics about savage animals, American white boy soul and being alone, which for the main part, are absolute nonsense”

Hit the quote to read the review on Pulse.

Art Department ‘Social Experiment 003’ review on DT


“It transforms the original from an almost tongue in cheek parable on alien invasion to a more seductive, steadier portrayal of house. That flash epitomizes the way the music of that period has been re-appropriated nigh on a decade later.”

As usual, click the quote for the review.

Crazy P ‘Remixed’ (Vinyl Sampler) – Review on Pulse

Promo pics for Crazy P.

“A record so sublime this reviewer would probably beg it to run off to Gretna and make an honest future out of it, if it was an actual person.”

Hit the quote. I even squeeze in a reference to Telford. Get me!

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