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Kendrick Lamar ‘King Kunta’ (Video)


Kendrick Lamar is the best rapper alive right now, end of. His brilliant third album To Pimp a Butterfly (more here) has been the biggest and best thing in hip hop in ages and the first video to drop since it was released in march is now here, a glorious love in to the west coast he reps so brilliantly, tying in with the languid Dre and DJ Quik infected beat he rides in the song itself.

Low riders, check. Gangsters decked out in colours, check. Wife beater vests and ridiculous booties, double check. King of Hip hop? You know it.

Kendrick Lamar ‘To Pimp a Butterfly’

Wow, just wow. King Kendrick’s third album has had me more excited than any other release I can think of in recent years, and the best part is the anticipation wasn’t even half the fun. The end result is ridiculous, hugely ambitious, varied in sonic scope and just all round boss. Even the 2Pac interview, which I wasn’t sure on at first, might even be an artistic merit. I wrote a review for Skiddle, but elsewhere the internet lost it’s shit in many ways, as the below video from Complex outlines.


Top 10 Wu Tang Songs over on GIT


“Ghostface does all but ball his eyes out over one long, heartfelt rant about the bleakness of his upbringing – sharing clothes with his siblings, finding overgrown insects in his cereal box and wiping his arse with newspaper.”

The lovely folk at GIT asked me to do a top ten of the Wu’s best moments ahead of their release of new album next month. A top 100 would be easier to do than a top 10 for the WU, their shit is so good, so I made a few rules. No album could have more than one cut (so no ‘CREAM’, ‘Da Mystery of Chessboxin’ and ‘Tearz’ – sigh), I’d include at least a couple of guest slots on non Wu albums and above all I’d tried a tell a story about what the breadth of Wu represents into my fleetingly short snapshot of the greatest mob hip hop has ever seen.

Obviously there’s close to 98787587567645 records missing, and even though I’ve tried to be varied there’s a lunge towards Rae and Ghost more than anyone else. The former has two solo cuts and the big guest verse on there, even though I omitted my favourite Wu cameo ever (Tash’s ‘Rap Life’, above) because his handful of bars alongside Outkast was a proper event in hip hop. He’s not the best rapper in Wu but Rae travels better than anyone else, just shading it from Meth. Tony Starks though is the finest in the clan, end of.

It also got me thinking about writing a story about the impact of RZA’s controlling attitude and the clan above all approach which ruled from Enter the 36 Chambers up to Wu Tang Forever. Raekwon and GZA did rather well out of that deal, U-God and Masta Killa definitely didn’t, and then if only that flood hadn’t scuppered all Inspektah Deck’s beats. One day…


Album Review: Caribou ‘Our Love’


“You can always tell the quality of an album by the ideas that are used for the interludes and skits, and the confidence in allowing these two to develop fleetingly only intensifies the feeling this is a special release.”

Read my review of the new Caribou album over on Skiddle via the above quote. Spoiler, it’s boss.

Gorgon City ‘Sirens’ (Review on Skiddle)


 “Their slick infusion of pop, house and garage has been an ever present in 2014, whether you’ve partied at a festival, club or just had a boogie to the radio”

I don’t get to write many album reviews on release date over at Skiddle but with this pretty much being the epitome of what our classic readership are into I couldn’t really not. Hit the quote to read more, and failing that watch them below live from Creamfields this year.

Gorgon City – live at Creamfields 2014 from Creamfields TV on Vimeo.

Rucks forthcoming on SoSure Music

Got sent the promo to the next EP on SoSure Music from Rucks recently, and it’s lovely emotive deep house. You can see a preview of it up above, with a voiceover that if I’m being honest, does grate a little. Don’t let that put you off when the EP drops in November though, because if you like New Jersey garage influenced house it’ll be right up your street.

To keep you ticking over you can grab the equally lovely ‘Hard 2 Find’ via liking the label’s Facebook page, which you can hear playing out below.

Still the illest – GIT feature on ‘Ready to Die.


“New York’s first overtly mainstream gangster rapper with some of the most ludicrously enjoyable wordplay to boot”

It’s 20 years to the day since the Notorious BIG drop kicked the world with one of the greatest LPs ever. To cleebrate a man who may very well be the greatest of all time, I wrote a lengthy love in on Getintothis about the album and what it’s meant. Hit the quote above to see it. RIP Chris Wallace

El Nino Andres – Infatuacion (Hija de Colombia)


Some decent disco infused house here all the way from Columbia, with four simply titled tracks raiding funk soul and of course disco for the house thud. B1 is a decent bit of melody driven melancholy whilst the looped funk of A2 also appeals. Stream the lot below for your own view, the EP is out now.

Rob Shields – Shards / Silhouetted (Psyth Records)

Like glistening techno and house? Then brand new label Pysth Records could be for you, if their first release form Rob Shields is anything to go by. His grooves have picked up support from Maya Jane Coles and jozif in the past and on the evidence of this it’s not hard to see why. ‘Shards’ is a lovely piece of floaty house, the kind of otherworldly tackle that makes sense as the soundtrack to the hazy conversations that happen long after you should of gone to bed. ‘Silhouetted’ is a bit more urgent, a good mid set breather or decent for early hours warm up. Stream them above, and you can buy from 31st March.

youngTEE – Can’t Stop Young


This is a decent enough EP from London producer youngTEE but it is all about this track ‘Can’t Stop Young’, which is an amazingly well produced beast of a track. Check the rest but this track is epic in it’s full glory, killer fodder from Southern Fried.

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